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…had not created angelic beings?

…had faced a total rebellion from all his angels?

…had quenched Satan’s rebellion from its inception?    

…had not created Michael the archangel?

…had not allowed Satan to tempt humans?

This site contains substantial and complete sections from the book "What if God...?" which will be published in the near future. The publication date will be announced.


            The Heavens abound with hosts of angels. The Bible does not give us exact numbers, except for a probable approximation of “ten thousand times ten thousands and thousands of thousands”(Rev. 5:11). These one hundred million plus angels that the apostle John saw gathered around God’s throne may have been only a fraction of the angelic hosts, as the ones present on that particular occasion may not necessarily be the only angels that exist in the universe. While the vision took place, hundreds of millions more may have been busy at work in various corners of the universe and on earth. No matter how many angels God created, He is the ruler of great armies of angelic beings with roles and responsibilities that have yet to be fully revealed.

            But what if God had not created any angels? What if he had decided to do without spiritual assistants? After all, does God need angels?

God, being God, is totally self-sufficient—He needs no one.  Whatever responsibilities angels have in the spiritual or physical realm, God could have handled without any difficulty, simply with the power of His spirit. If God had not created angels, everything would have gone along without any problem. Angels are not vital to God, nor are they indispensable.

            Why then create hosts of angels? Why would God surround Himself with millions, if not billions of angelic beings?

            The answer to this question seems to be related to one of God’s central characteristics: God is love. Being love, God must, of necessity, want to share that love and must want to do so on a grand scale. God’s love is infinite. Such a magnificent being would not bottle up that much love and store it for Himself for this would make Him a selfish, not a loving God. To share His love, He had to create angelic children. His love is so great that throughout eternity He created, without doubt, countless hosts of angels with whom He is sharing His endless creation and, perhaps, even the responsibility to create various life forms and to administer various components of the universe.

We know that angels are a very special part of God’s spiritual realm, and that the faithful hosts of Heaven greatly rejoice at God’s greatness. Again, one may wrongly assume that God may have created angels to get praise, and glory from them—sort of like some human rulers who surround themselves with sycophants that continually shower the boss with flattery.  God is totally at ease with Himself. He is totally complete and does not need any ego building. When angels praise God and they exult in His Greatness and glory, God takes pleasure in having given them great joy and bliss and in having shared special moments with them. God is continually flowing outward. He does not need that anything be given to Him. No praise or service can add anything to His greatness.

            If God had not created any angels, God could have brought about His will throughout the universe anyway. Yet, that would have been a statement of selfishness on His part. The creation of angels is simply one more example of God’s desire to give and to share, and it serves to reinforce the magnificent truth that the ruler of the universe is Love and that giving and sharing are the very essence of His being.



            The Holy Scriptures tell us that God created Lucifer, the archangel, as a glorious being “who was the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty (Ezekiel 28:12). We are told that he was perfect until iniquity was found in him (V. 15).  We are also told that he deteriorated dramatically and “became filled with violence” (V. 16). He, finally, convinced one third of the angels to rebel and follow him into a destructive path that led to his defeat and becoming the Devil (The adversary) (Rev. 12:7-9)

            What if God had not created Lucifer? What if He had not risked creating such a magnificent being with the intrinsic potential of some day choosing rebellion?     

            If God had not created Lucifer, existence would have definitely taken a different path. There would have been no mutiny on his part; the angels would not have been deceived into rebelling; there would not have been a war in Heaven; Satan and his demons would not have been cast down to the earth; there would have been no Satan to tempt Adam and Eve and all the humans who have existed ever since. Human beings, most probably, would not have embraced sin and, consequently, death would not have been imposed on humanity as its consequence.

            Yet, this appealing scenario assumes that God would have created man even if Satan had not rebelled. But what if the creation of humans was, in reality, a consequence of Satan’s rebellion? It is conceivable that if Satan and his angels had not rebelled humans might not have been created at all. Some in fact, have speculated that God created humans as mortal beings so as to be tested before being allowed eternal life and a place in God’s family so as to prevent another potential rebellion on the part of humans similar to the angelic rebellion.

On the other hand, if God would have created humans even if Satan and his angels had not rebelled, no tempting spirits would have been around to tempt them. Given this scenario, how would humans have been tested before being given eternity? Evil spirits are the instruments that God allows to test humans during a whole lifetime so as to determine whether or not they deserve eternal life. Without Satan and demons there would have been no intensive testing and, thus, there would have been no preparation for eternal life.

             Whatever might have happened, in spite of all of Satan’s attempts to undermine God’s intentions for humanity, we humans now have the opportunity to become all that Lucifer might have been and much more. Satan and his angels fell from grace and sunk into perdition. Humans, through Christ, can rise from perdition unto glory. Thus, the loss of the rebellious angels becomes our gain.

             God’s great plan reveals His very special love for humanity. Humans hold a special place in God’s heart and, it is clear, He wants as many of them with Him for eternity. It is no wonder therefore, that Satan and his demons have such intense hatred for humanity and long to destroy it.  Human beings are the new children of God and, being God’s children, they will inherit all things. “The spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” (Rom. 8:16-17). Being fully aware of our glorious destiny, Satan and his fallen angels can now only watch with envy and anger.

            Since Satan’s rebellion, it has been a long and arduous path for both God the Father and Christ. Undoubtedly, Lucifer’s rebellion caused much anguish for both of them. Yet God, in His great wisdom, was able to turn a disastrous situation into a great success story. He may have lost a glorious cherub and millions of angelic children, but He will gain billions of human children who will choose to honor Him faithfully forever.



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