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…had decided not to create humans?

…had created humans out of nothing?

…had created Eve first, or had created Adam and Eve simultaneously?

…had made both Adam and Eve able to conceive babies?

…had not made man and woman psychologically different?

…had created Eve apart from Adam?



 We humans must understand that the creation of mankind, at one point in time, was not even a thought in God’s mind.  There was a time, back there in eternity, when we did not even exist as a concept. Sometime in the distant past, the thought of creating humans arose in God’s mind. What brought about the concept we don’t know with certainty. Was it the result of Satan’s rebellion? Was it simply the desire to, in a sense, procreate and have a multitude of children? Was it both?

            We do know with certainty, though, that somewhere in time, after much reflection and discussion, God the Father and the Son, concluded that they would go ahead with the most important project they had ever undertaken: the creation of mankind.

            What a providential decision that was for us humans. Were the angels involved in that decision? Did anyone oppose the decision? Was Satan, perhaps, one of the biggest opponents? Was it put on hold for a while? For a long time? Was the idea shelved and then reconsidered? For now, we can only speculate.

             There was a moment in time, though, when the verdict was issued and God announced to the angelic hosts that He would go ahead and create humans, and that they would be a part of a plan in which both the Father and the Son would be heavily and lovingly involved. Man was to procreate into billions and would be given the opportunity to live forever as God’s special children, with glory superior to angels.       

            But what if God and Christ had finally decided to move on without us humans? What if they had set aside their plan and had given a “no go” to our existence? What if the evidence weighed heavily against us, and another less risky and less involved plan had been adopted instead?

            The very thought that eons ago our very existence was in the balance is chilling. The fact that we may have been shelved as a possibility is distressing. If God had not created us, there might not have been any need for the universe, for this earth. Adam and Eve and all the great biblical figures would have never existed – we would have never existed.

            Today we take our existence for granted. We also take for granted that our children exist. We take for granted that we have a life to live rich with growth and experiences. We take for granted that life has great meaning for all of humanity. Yet, once-upon-a-time, it might all have been scrapped.      

             Thankfully, both the Father and the Son finally and joyfully accepted the idea of our existence and it was implemented. We exist because God and Christ decided to share their love with a new puny, insignificant, fragile being who would have to rely totally on their mercy.  Our Great God loved us as a concept way back in time and, more than ever, loves us as a reality. The fact that They are pleased with their decision is amply reinforced by the fact that they were both willing to go through the agonizing sacrifice of Christ so as to save us all from eternal damnation. That alone strongly validates our worth before God and Christ.  We are, and will forever be, therefore, enormously important to God our Father and Christ our brother. 



…had postponed the creation of humans by a few million years?

…had created humans in Heaven rather than on earth?

…had created humans without any hope of eternal life?




Strange, isn’t it, that God would create the first human out of clay and not out of nothing as He did with the rest of creation? (Genesis 3:19) Why the difference?

What if God had made man out of nothing? What if He had simply willed Adam to simply appear out of nowhere complete and alive?

If God had created Adam out of nothing, humans would not have had the opportunity to see God’s greatness as vividly as they do because of their humble origins. When God shaped Adam lovingly out of clay, He was completing the physical man as a foreshadowing of God’s involvement in completing the future spiritual man. God made Adam out of clay and gave him temporary life. In time, He would take this humble mold and turn it into an eternal being.

Had God not used clay to create the first human some critical negative ramifications would have ensued. First of all we humans would have forgotten what, in essence, we are. We would have been deprived of the sobering and humbling awareness that we are dust and to dust we shall return.   Also, Man could have mistaken his origins as having emanated directly from God and might have, in fact, deceived himself that he was a god.

 Obviously, God did not want humans to fall into these two traps. He wanted them to know that they were a perishable creation, with a temporary existence and with no hope of any great destiny, unless He provided it totally. He wanted humility to be engraved in the human mind psyche from the beginning. Thus, though humans try to escape this intrinsic and sub-conscious inferiority complex by pursuing self-aggrandizing projects in manifold ways, the reality of being a decaying creation cannot be escaped.

            Satan had been created beautiful from the beginning yet, pride filled his mind and poisoned him. Having become arrogant and rebellious, he persuaded 1/3 of the angels to follow him, and tried to take over God’s throne. This was never again to be risked. God would not contribute t any future human arrogance.

           Unlike Satan and his demons, we humans were made of clay from the earth and to earth we are destined to go back. We must never forget our origins, lest we make the mistake of deceiving ourselves that we are of any worth independently from God. It is the recognition that we are nothing that gives us a malleable frame of mind that allows God to work with us and in us. Thus, clay can aspire to become an eternal being, a child of God who will share eternity with the source of everything: The Almighty. 



…had created Adam out of marble?

…had created Adam out of wood?

…had created Adam out of ice?




             God, in His wisdom, decided to make the first human of the male sex. He could have made the first human of the female sex, but He did not. He could have made man and woman simultaneously, but He did not. He obviously intended to create woman as well, but He waited until later.

          The Scriptures tell us that Adam was made first, because he was to have the leadership role within the family system. Paul tells us that this is one of the reasons why woman must respect the leadership position of the man within the family unit (I Cor. 11:9).

          But what if God had created Eve first or simultaneously with man?

          Clearly, if this had been the case, it would have been next to impossible to justify man’s leadership role. Eve could have, justifiably, argued that the leading role belonged to her. Adam, being physically taller and stronger would have resisted and much friction would have ensued.

          On the other hand, if God had created both simultaneously, it would have been significantly harder to support the pre-eminence of either. Thus, the family unit would have had two equally powerful leaders. This would have led to power struggles and much friction and resentment. In fact, it is not a coincidence that, with the rise of feminism and the anti-patriarchy movement, there has been a simultaneous rise in marital breakdowns and divorces.                   

          God did not ordain two leaders within the family unit, but one. He did this because He knows the human mind and human dynamics better than all of us. Unlike what radical feminists and some intellectuals propagate, the patriarchy, though imperfect in a Satan inspired world, is the best form of family structure. It is so because the Creator of humanity made it so.

          Obviously, God made man to lead, not to abuse. God’s intention was for man to provide for and protect his wife and children. From the start man was to reflect the traits of the Supreme Father such as patience, goodness, love and commitment.  God wants leadership in the home, but the kind of godly leadership that protects, causes no harm and abounds in love and goodness.

           God created man first and gave him the tremendous responsibility to lead in his home. He created Eve second not be treated as an inferior but to be loved as she fulfills her duties as a help meet for man. She was also created to be a source of support to man and to be the primary nurturer to her children.

 Though some humans have rebelled against the God-established order within the home, they have done so to their own peril and are reaping the destructive consequences of family turmoil and breakdowns. Believers know that God’s will was right and good from the start and that submitting to it will lead, invariably, to wonderful blessings. 



© Copyright, Michael Caputo, 2004