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                                 GOD SEEN THROUGH THE EYES OF THE GREATEST MINDS (Click on title for information)



"Unless Thou show us thine own true way

No man can find it; Father! Thou must Lead."

(Wordsworth, 1932, 319)


"You only are good; Your supreme mercy

Help my predicted sinful state,

So close to death and so far from God."

(Montale, 1976,



I would love to want that which I do not want:

Between the fire and the heart of ice a veil is present

That quenches the fire, so that it prevents

The pen in its work, and makes the sheet a liar.

I love you with the tongue, and then I pain

That love does not reach the heart; nor do I know where

It opens the door to the mercy that enters

The heart, that casts out every merciless pride.

Tear the veil , my Lord, break down the wall

That with its hardness slows down

The brightness of your light, dark to the world!

Send the prophesied light so near to us

To your beautiful bride,  that in my heart

I might burn without doubt, and only you believe.

(D’Angelo, 1978, 78)


"There is nothing more base and vile on earth 

such as I am without you I feel and am."

(Ibid., 133)


"The vanities of life have taken from me

The time to contemplate God."

(Ibid., 133)


"Half the way that rises up to heaven

My dear Lord, and to that aim alone

To rise I need your help."

(Ibid., 133


"I speak to You , my Lord, for with all my trials,

Without Your blood,  blessedness I, man, would never reach."

(Ibid., 126)


"Only You are the seed of pure and holy works,

That grow where You sow them

No one can follow you with His own worth

Except You show them Your holy ways."

(Ibid., 127)


"Do not look with eyes of Justice

upon my past . . .

May only Your blood touch and wash my faults

And evermore abound when I get old."

(Ibid., 127)



"By the cross, by Grace and by diverse trials

I am sure.  We will be in Heaven."

(Ibid., 131)


"In Your blood one can comprehend...

That without limit your dear gifts are."

(Ibid., 131)


"My dear Lord, only You I call and supplicate

About the vain and blind torment:

You only can renew me within and without."

(Stone, 1963,  245)